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Salt Water Pool Systems in Grand Prairie, TX

Most salt water swimming pools are self cleaning, making them low maintenance and environmentally friendly. Salt water pool systems are becoming increasingly popular and a great choice for pool owners. The technology available to self monitor and balance your salt water pool with a salt chlorine generator is a huge time saver since you won’t have to add any chemicals on a daily basis.

A huge benefit of a salt water pool system that it doesn’t require the harsh chemicals of a regular swimming pool, providing a safe and gentle environment for you and your family to enjoy

Benefits of a Salt Water Pool System

  • Low maintenance
  • Clear Sparkling Water
  • Safe and gentle for children
  • Allergy Safe
  • No salty taste
  • No chlorine smell
  • No irritated eyes
  • Minimal expenses

Your pool will not only feel good to swim, but you will feel refreshed and clean when you are finished.  With minimal expenses and low maintenance, you have more time to sit back, relax and enjoy your outdoor pool oasis.

Are you allergic to chlorine, or does the smell and feel of chlorine bother you when you are swimming in it? A salt water pool system may be the answer to the agitation that chlorine can cause by providing and odor free and natural swimming pool environment for your family.

There are some upfront costs associated with installing a salt water pool system. You will incur the cost of replacing the salter water pool cell in the generator every 4 – 6 years as well as the initial cost of a chlorine generator. Your investment will pay for itself in the first year of owning a salt water pool because you will not have to purchase the chlorine tabs or any other chemicals for your swimming pool.

Salt Water Pool System Requirements

The only thing you need to complete your salt water pool conversion from an existing pool your already have it to purchase a salt chlorine generator. You will not need to alter the heater, filter or pump of your existing swimming pool.

It will only take a trained swimming pool technician a few hours to install your chlorine generator and was that is complete you will have very low maintenance. You will need to add natural pool salt to the swimming pool water once your system is installed to get the salt to water ratios to the correct amount. The chlorine generator will convert salt into natural chlorine.

It may take several weeks to learn how to use your salt water pool system and keeping your water levels balanced. If you need help figuring out which pool salt will work best in your geographic area, contact your local swimming pool specialist in Grand Prairie, TX.