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Pool Filtration Systems in Grand Prairie, TX

To keep your pool water clear and sparkling you must keep up with the maintenance and cleaning of your swimming pool. The filter is one of the most important parts of the process of keeping your pool clean.

There are three different types of filtration systems that you can choose from: a Cartridge Filter, A Sand Filter and a DE Filter. Regardless of what you choose, you need to maintain and clean your filter to keep all you pool cleaning systems in working order.

Sand Filters
A sand filter tank contains special-grade sand that assists with the filter process. The dirty water from you swimming pool come’s into the filter tank and is pulled down through the sand. The sand will catch any dirt and particles that makes the water dirty then the clean water will flow out the bottom of the tank.

If there is any blockage by debris in the filter the water flow will be slow the intake pipes will have more pressure than the outlet pipe. If this happens, you will need to backwash the filter.
Over time, the sand will become smooth which makes it more difficult to filter the dirty water coming through the filter tank. To avoid this, the sand in the tank should be changed every five years. Contact one of our pool technicians to schedule at time to come out to maintain your sand filter.

Cartridge Filters
If you decide to use a filter cartridge, the water will be go through a fine filter surface and the filter will catch any dirt or debris trying to flow through. You must clean the filter cartridge or replace it regularly to keep your filter working at maximum performance. Cartridge filters are easier to maintain and can operate at lower pressure than a sand filter tank.

Cartridge filters are inexpensive an easily maintained. You can easily rinse them with or soak them in detergent. Its highly recommended that you replace the filter every 3 – 5 years to keep your pool filtration system working at an optimal level.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters
The DE pool filter is a made by crushing the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms and producing a fine powder. The filter is covered with fabric that keeps the powder from washing back into the swimming pool.

To install a new DE filter is relatively easy. You put the filter into the skimmer and the pump will suck the DE into the correct place. You will need to Backwash or add a new DE filter once or twice a year so that your pool will remain clean insuring all your pool levels stay within the normal range.

For assistance on choosing which pool filter will work best for you, please contact our expert pool technicians and we can do an assessment and make recommendations based on your needs and your pool.