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Cleaning Pool Grand Prairie TX

Pool Services in Grand Prairie, TX

We are your Grand Prairie TX pool service company. We are committed to providing you with consistent and quality service to keep your pool clean and ready to use throughout the year.  We know that it’s important to have your pool serviced monthly and provide a variety of services for your convenience:

Our pool services include:

Pool Cleaning

We provide basic pool cleaning services. We can provide you with a monthly plan to service your pool based on your needs

Pool Repair

Is your pool in need of repair? Let us provide you with a free quote to get your pool working properly and efficiently.

Pool Filtration Systems

Do you have the best filtration system for your pool or need an old one replaced with the newer update technology? We’ve got several options available to for your pool service needs

Pool Renovation

Does your pool area feel old and tired? Would you like to update the look of your backyard oasis? We provide pool renovation services to restore and rejuvenate your pool to make it the luxurious and fun filled place for you and your family to spend hours enjoying together!

Salt Water Pool Systems

Are you looking for an alternative to a traditional pool and would like to have a salt water pool system installed? We are here to help! We’ve got all the information you need to convert your pool to a salt water pool and provide pool service options for your convenience.

Our technicians are experienced and motivated to do their jobs right the first time. We will take the time learn your needs for servicing your pool, any concerns you might have and build you a monthly pool service plan that will meet your needs.

Our basic pool cleaning services by our pool technicians include:

  • Testing water chemistry and adding pool chemicals when needed
  • Clean out pump baskets and skimmers
  • Skim and clear the surface area of the swimming pool
  • Clean and scrub pool tiles
  • Vacuum pool

We’ve got a variety of premium pool services we can provide for you throughout the year in Grand Prairie, TX. Your pool is the ideal place for you to enjoy time with your family, relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Your swimming pool is an oasis that needs to be cared for and treated to get the best and longest used possible out of it.

We provide a wide range of pool services that will keep you and your family happy all year long. To maintain your pool can take time and expertise that you may not have. Call one of our pool representatives and we will schedule a time to send one of our expert pool technicians out to your house to do an initial inspection of your pool and provide with a custom service plan that will meet all of your pool needs.

Are swimming pool services include but are not limited to:

  • Basic Cleaning Services
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Repair
  • Renovating Your Swimming Pool
  • Setting up Salt Water Pool Systems

We can build a custom plan to service your pool throughout the year, or only during the warm months when you are using your pool.

Our expert pool staff are ready to provide your with the best customer service that you can ask for. We know that you want the job done right the first time and will do everything we can to meet your pool service needs. Our technicians will come do an assessment of your pool and spend time talking to you about your pool maintenance needs before making  a recommendation that will fit your budget and your schedule.

Check out all the details of pool services and contact us today to schedule  an initial pool service consultation!