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Basic Pool Cleaning Checklist

If you’re interested in learning how to maintain your swimming pool or what needs to be done to maintain your pool throughout the year, this is a great checklist to review.  To find out how we can help you meet your pool cleaning needs in Grand Prairie, TX, please call us and we will send an experienced pool service technician out to set up a custom service plan for you.

How To Open Your Swimming Pool:

  •  Remove, clean and store your swimming pool cover
  •  Clean and vacuum the pool
  •  Add water to the desired depth of your pool
  •  Test your water balance and Ph levels
  •  Inspect the swimming pool equipment to make sure everything is in proper working order. This includes filters,skimmer baskets, laddres, drains, slides, diving boards, plugs, gauges, electrical and other important components of the system
  •  Lubricate plugs, valves, o-rings, and fittings
  •  Inspect and clean tiles and pool skimmer
  •  Clean and inspect poolside area and deck
  •  Skim water surface and vacuum bottom of your pool
  •  Backwash filter if needed
  •  Shock swimming pool water to breakpoint levels
  •  Setup a routine maintenance plan

 How to Do Pool Maintenance 2-3 times a week:

  •  Empty skimmer and pump basket
  •  Vacuum the pool two to three times a week. Brush the sides and bottom of your swimming pool.

How to Do Weekly Pool Maintenance:

  •  Remove any debris on the bottom of your pool with a leaf scoop.
  •  Shock the pool with chlorine or other sanitizer and check the water balance.
  • Add water to the correct level for the pump to function correctly.
  •  Visually inspect pool water for clarity, color and visible debris
  • Clean floating leaves and other debris from the pool
  • Test and adjust pH levels of your swimming pool.
  • Only correct your pH levels once a week.
  • Clean the tile at the water line
  • Check filter pressure and backwash only if needed
  • Check water level and add water to swimming pool as needed

How to Do Monthly Pool Maintenance:

  • Test and adjust water balance, pH level and alkalinity
  • Clean the filter with chemicals
  • Inspect all of the exposed elements of pool such as tile and grout
  • Check the pump and motor seals
  • Check all of the safety equipment, steps and handrails to make sure there are no repairs needed.

How to Close Your Swimming Pool:

  • Check the water balance
  • Continuously run the filter for 24 – 48 hours
  • Remove swimming pool equipment such as cleaners, baskets, wall fittings and ladders from the pool
  • Lower the swimming pool water level to 5” below the skimmer level
  • To prevent damage that can be caused by freezing, drain all the pumps, filters, and heating and sanitizing equipment
  • To make opening the pool easier in the spring, lubricate o-rings, valves and plugs
  • Clean and vacuum the pool
  • Blow out the all the plumbinb lines and plug the lines with expansion plugs
  • Add winterizing algaecide
  • Tightly cover the pool