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We Can Build a Pool for Any Budget

We understand that every customer is working with a different budget when it comes to building a custom swimming pool. In fact, many people are under the impression that they actually cannot afford to have a pool installed because of their limited budget. Grand Prairie Pools would like to dispel that myth, and help you understand that a swimming pool really can be a reality!

While you may be scratching your head and wondering exactly how you can afford a luxury, custom built back yard oasis, we’ll help you understand that there are a ton of different pool styles, types, designs, and sizes. All of these variables cause shifts in pool pricing – so there really is a pool for virtually everyone. Swimming is one of the best activities and you should not leave yourselves deprived from it

poolbuilder1Building an above ground pool is the most budget friendly option anyone can choose. If you desperately want a pool of your own but are working with a smaller budget, a basic round above ground pool is extremely affordable. You can opt for an oval above ground for just a little more money. A money saving bonus regarding above ground pools is that you won’t have to invest even more money in a pool safety fence as long as the pool is at least 48 inches high. Additionally, an above ground pool won’t cost you anything in real estate tax because it is not considered to be a permanent structure.

If your budget is in the median range for a custom pool project, you’ll probably be able to afford an in ground style swimming pool. The good news is that in ground pools have a lot of varieties, and the materials used can cause the price to vary significantly.

An in ground pool with a vinyl liner is the most affordable option. Using steel or plastic panels to build the walls of your pool structure will save you a lot of money as well. Using rebar that’s made stronger with concrete to build your pool’s walls and steps will add to the overall cost but will also add strength and longevity to a vinyl lined in ground swimming pool.

The next step up in budget would be the in ground fiberglass model. These are slightly more costly than vinyl liner pools because of the cost of manufacturing the shell as well as the expense of delivering the shell to your pool site. Due to the incredibly long life of fiberglass, this option is appealing to those who are looking for a low maintenance pool that won’t need to have its liner replaced.

At the upper end of the budget spectrum are concrete pools. If you’re looking to create extravagant designs and features (like built in lounges, swim up bars, etc), ‘shotcrete’ is the material for you. Although these pools are more expensive than vinyl or fiberglass versions, they have superior staying power and are extremely water tight. As always, your pool site will have to be thoroughly examined by our construction team, but we can usually make any dream pool happen, in a wide range of budgets!


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